tony fish

founder, investor, and Director in London, United Kingdom

Investor, author and maverick, living in the UK. I have been involved in early stage high growth for over 25 years having built up and sold a number of businesses. I am always happy to help, support or provide an opinion. Please feel free connect to me on LinkedIn if you want investment or executive advise.

I spend a large amount of my time helping companies grow/ scale but I find time to write and speak on personal digital data and its value, digital footprints, digital identity, digital services & personal data, and the relationships between as they incorporate key ideas of privacy, trust and security. I believe that we should control our own data and have self-sovereign identities.

I encourage others on a path of paddling their own canoe (set up your own business) which I do as a visiting Fellow at Henley Business School and Entrepreneur in Residence at Bradford School of Management and Law.


  • Education
    • Bradford University School of Management
    • University of Reading
    • University of Hertfordshire