tony fish

board member and Director in London, United Kingdom

Investor, author and pioneer.

I thrive in complex, ground-breaking & uncertain environments; bringing proven judgement and decision-making experience. I have a track record of sense-making and foresight, my enthusiasm and drive are contagious & inspiring.

My current focus is on imaging a board meeting in 2025, rethinking corporate governance models, data economics and dealing with volatile situations.

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Please feel free connect to me on LinkedIn if you want investment, governance or executive support, you can book a call with me using my AI calendar

I spend a large amount of my time helping companies grow/ scale but I find time to write and speak on personal data, ethics, AI, identity, trust, digital and new governance. I believe that we should "rights" and some "control" over the data we create; we must be able to manage consent and have the option for self-sovereign identities.

I encourage others on a path of paddling their own canoe (set up your own business) which I do as a visiting Fellow at Henley Business School, Entrepreneur in Residence at Bradford School of Management and Law or in teaching at LSE, LBS and Sydney.


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